What is the Pillar® Procedure?

The Pillar® Procedure is a simple, safe, effective and minimally invasive treatment for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Designed to provide lasting relief, the procedure can significantly reduce the vibrations of the soft palate, allowing both you and your bed partner to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. For patients who are non-compliant or cannot tolerate the mask, this procedure may be an effective alternative to CPAP.


How Does the Procedure Work?

The Pillar® Procedure employs tiny woven implants that are placed into the soft palate using special instruments. Once inserted, the implants are not visible and they do not interfere with your normal swallowing or speech. Over time, the implants and the body’s natural fibrotic response to their insertion stiffens and stabilizes the palate, reducing the excess tissue vibrations that cause snoring or lead to airway obstruction.


Pillar Procedure treatment alternative to CPAP